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Are you looking for a great deal on a car in the Jacksonville area? If so, then UsedCarDealerLot.com is the right place for you!

UsedCarDealerLot.com is dedicated to bringing you the best deals on cars in the Jacksonville area. We are a family owned business and we run this business with our customers in mind. We think of you as our family!

Our in house mechanics inspect every car before it is sold to you. We would not sell a car to you that we would not feel comfortable in having our kids be passagers. If its not good enough for our kids than it is not good enough for your kids! To show you that we mean it, every one of our used cars comes with a 90 day warranty. If there are any problems with the car, then you can come back into our shop and we will fix the car for free!

We've owned our lot in Jacksonville for over twenty years. We are dedicated to bringing you the best deals around. UsedCarDearlerLot.com is a new venture for us. From here, you can pay your monthly bill if we financed your car, you can purchase services, or you can buy parts. If you are looking for a car, UsedCarDealerLot.com should be your first stop because we will be offering special prices on our website!


2000 ACURA
3.2 TL


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